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Historical and Genealogical Research Specialists:

Preparation and verification of family trees, and pedigrees including those required for membership in various societies and organizations. Compiling urban and rural social histories; experienced military researchers; verification and documentation of real property lineage and architectural history; compilation and verification of family trees for entry into DNA and genetic-based databases. Successful experience in resolving adoption matters. Military research (medieval to contemporary).

We can bring family trees to life by creating accurate, detailed narratives illustrating the life and times in which an ancestor lived and worked. Experienced in creating genealogy websites and ghostwriting or editing entertaining family narratives, journals, and stories. Hands on research at a wide range of repositories. Skilled Internet researchers.  Background historical research for museum and civic projects. Advice and guidance always offered without obligation.

Use of a wider range of historical sources than those normally consulted by genealogists. Thorough knowledge of a wide range of material and sources covering 14th to 20th century in English, Canadian, and American records. Particularly interested in tackling challenging genealogical or historical mysteries and puzzles. All manner of challenges from the royal to the ordinary, from medieval to modern are also welcome. Please contact us for further information. Competitive hourly rates and research packages available.

Areas of interest include:
British Isles, including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland: medieval to modern, all areas and subjects
Ireland: 17th to 20th century, including emigration to North America
Canada: 18th to 20th century. All provinces and territories
USA: All areas. Particular interest in the original 13 colonies, and areas of early western immigration.
Europe, including Scandinavia: research specialists for these and other geographic areas are available for consultation and record acquisition.